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Hello! Thank your for visiting the Grind City Web Series Go Fund Me page. Grind City Web Series is an exciting new urban drama that is filmed in the Atlanta area. It is about the ins and outs of real people grinding to survive in Atlanta and features new music both original and from local artist. The purpose of this series is to tell the truth about real stories that happen to real people in an entertaining way, to ultimately spread awareness about certain issues.

The uniqueness of Grind City Web Series is that there is literally something for everyone. From stealing cars, baby momma drama, discrimination at work due to sexuality, getting laid off, drug addictions, racism, all the way to elderly abuse, there is something that you can relate to and enjoy.

What is the money for?
This Go Fund Me account is to raise money for shooting permits in the city of Atlanta, insurance for the locations, compensation for the actors, as well as to have crafts on set.

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Grind City Web Series Season 2 Promo

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