The series tells a story of an ancient artefact – The Cube. The Cube has been here on Earth long before humans and dinosaurs, it is here now and will be here forever. It has the power to change lives and the course of history. Everyone dreams of getting it but not everyone will be successful in it. Each episode takes place in a different time, from the Neanderthals to the post-nuclear world war, on the Earth and in space.

At the moment financing has been secured for two episodes only; we are looking for investors for 7 more episodes.

Episode 1. “Bag Raider”. A sussessful heist. A strange find among the loot leads to some unexpected consequences.

If you feel the desire of investment, please, contact us by phone +375 (29) 603 30 70 or via email Thank you for your interest.

Production company: One Little Production/First Rental
Written and directed by Vladimir Nefedov
Director of photography: Vadzim Patseyeu
Music by Chromatics, (((O)))
Producer: Vladimir Nefedov, Sergei Yakubovski
Cast: Mikhail Kaminsky, Mikhael Yesman, Pavel Babitsky, Andrey Urazov, Aliona Kravchenskaya


The Cube. Episode 1 “Bag Raiders”. Pilot episode.

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