“Saturday Night Cosmic Breakdown” was written and directed by Danny Sangra for the Ray-Ban “Speak the Truth” series, presented by Never Hide Films and Yours Truly, and produced by Alldayeveryday. For this metaphysical short, Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids) plays a confused and concerned NYC East-Villager, while Danny Tamberelli (from the legendary Pete and Pete series) plays the total opposite: a solid and ponderous guy who lives down the block.

Director. Writer. Editor: Danny Sangra
Music By: Terrance Martin and LoveDragon

Cast: Otis: Leo Fitzpatrick // Kevin: Danny Tamberelli // Lisa: Mickey Sumner // Marie Monroe: Kat Clements

Director Of Photography: Andrew Defrancesco
Producer: Vincent DiVito
Production Supervisor: Andrea Pinto
Head Of Production: Nicola Westerman Executive Producer: Philip Fox­Mills / Arrow Kruse Production Company: Alldayeveryday
Creative Agency: Yours Truly Creative
Creative Director: Babak Khoshnoud & Will Abramson
Musical Arrangement by LoveDragon
First AD: Ryan Kenney
Second AD: Jamie “Roadhouse” Gustis Assistant Camera: Nick Evans
Sound Recorder: Rob Bluemke
Post Audio Mixer: Ethan Ward
Color: Jack McGinity
Wardrobe: Kat Clements
Hair + Make Up Artist: Jessa Blades Production Assistant: Mukunda Angulo Production Assistant: Mike Lavin Production
Assistant: Vijayta Narang Production Assistant: Cheryn Park



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