What you’re really saying when you first see an ex.

London Short Film Festival (Jan, 2015)
Women In Comedy Festival (April, 2015)
Synesthesia Film Festival, Winner: Audience Choice Award (Dec, 2014)

Written & produced by: Ali Vingiano [https://twitter.com/alivingiano]
Directed & shot by: T.J. Misny [http://www.tjmisny.com/]

Alice: Ali Vingiano
Dave: Griffin Newman [https://twitter.com/GriffLightning]
Paul: Zach Goldbaum [https://twitter.com/zachgoldbaum]
Girl at bar: Alex Viola [http://www.dicecomedy.com/]
Boys outside bar: Michael Breen, Spencer Pazur
Gaffer: Brian McCann
Assistant Camera: Jay Parks
Sound Recordist: James Leggero
Sound Design: Hunter Berk
Edited by: Ali Vingiano & T.J. Misny
Colorist: T.J. Misny
Hair + Makeup: Joanna MacDonald
PA: Jocelyn Roueiheb

Dylan Evans
Amanda Hunt
Kristen Strong
Andrea Kornstein
Chris Chromak
Jordan Zakarin
Anna Taberski

Other videos!
Bringing Him Home for the Holidays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQHk-1lsJE0
Him ft. Seth Rogen: http://youtu.be/6qE2wxDaVWY
The Adventures of Angelfire: http://youtu.be/M17patZUB3o
And Exes is on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEkoVLt1Z_o

You can say hello to me on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alivingiano
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alisonvingiano
Instagram: http://instagram.com/therealalivingiano
Tumblr: http://agvnotes.tumblr.com/

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Frank Garcia Hejl, Jen Lewis, Paul Gale, Drew Luster, Leigh Peterson, Zoe Kerrigan, Vanessa Zackler, Olga Grigorenko, Jordan Zakarin

Licensed music by Fort Lean: http://www.fortlean.com/
Shot on a Alexa XT 4:3 sensor with Hawk V-lite anamorphic primes



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