Welcome to Brazza, the city of the Sapeurs (The Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People) and the Wrestlers-Fetichists
Directors / Executive producers / DOP : David Mboussou & Juan Ignacio Davila
Produced by Daniele Sassou Nguesso
Production company : SPOA FILMS
Production assistant : Emilie Lucas
Starring Brice Djamboult
Editing : Charlotte Audureau / Juan Ignacio Davila / Antoine Brun Hairion
Assistant Editor : El Mehdi Bahou
Assistant to filmmakers : Love Gildas
Sound engineer: Mathieu Chiaverini / Eric Rey
Color Grading: Dimitri Darul
Logistic in Congo: Marian Ngolo
Logistic crew in Congo : Destin Ambi – Jean Bruno Ibara – Loembe Richel – James Obanda – Malonga Godiel – Christian Mabanza
Music : Encore Merci
About the artists
David Mboussou : vimeo.com/davidmboussou
Juan Ignacio Davila : vimeo.com/dvljuan
About SPOA
Join the community #IamCongo : facebook.com/pages/I-am-Congo/1635385510042918?fref=ts

I AM CONGO – Welcome to Brazza Ep.2

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