What do you do when your girl won’t give “it” up?

Sometimes men lie to a woman to have sex. Some lies are bigger than others.

Steve Harvey has written another book follow up on the success of “Act like a lady, think like a man” , called “120 days”. It details how a woman should make a man wait 120 days to have sex with her. Douglas’ new girl Danielle, is reading this book and putting the words to practice. The extremely horny Douglas decides that desperate times need desperate measures. His loyal buddy Jacks comes up with ingenious idea, zombie apocalypse.

Zombies are undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh. How these creatures came to be called “zombies” is not fully clear.
Generally, the zombies in movies and tv shows are the slow, lumbering and unintelligent kind first made popular in Night of the Living Dead and popular with the “The Walking Dead”. Some are cannibals craving “brains”, and others behave as “vectors” spreading an infection to the non-infected, as in the television series Helix and the film World War Z.

Due to a large number of thematic films and video games, the idea of a zombie apocalypse has entered the mainstream, and many fans have begun making efforts to prepare for the hypothetical future zombie apocalypse.


Grown Ass Boys: 120 Days

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