“The One” Web Series is a project created by filmmaker Christopher Hodge and actress Kristina Sullivan.

In episode 1, Troy, a young hip-hop producer is invited to a Valentine’s Day Party he won’t soon forget.

Starring: Sekori Russel, Kristina Sullivan, Alonzo Williams, Franchesca Agramonte, Zuri Willis, Marston Fobbs, Ivonnah Erskine, James Surman, and Brandon Valley Jones.
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Directed By: Christopher Hodge
Release Date: 2015

Featuring the thumping music of Picclo featuring Smokey Lane, Anna Moore, K-Dence, Blue Nyle featuring DJ Brazilia, and MonDoe. Score by Abstrakt Soundz.

“The One” brings drama & comedy with style and substance!

“The One” Web Series Episode One

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