30 is the new midlife crisis in this comedic web series that explores the angst of being in your late 20’s and not being where you thought you would be in life yet.

A pilot presentation of this series was named Complex Magazine’s “The Best Black Web Series Right Now” of 2013http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/20… and was named a top 25 finalist in the 2013 NYTVFF Comedy Central Pilot Competitionhttp://www.nytvf.com/2013_comedycentr…. Almost two years later and now Almost 30 is back with new episodes.

The show follows the hijinks of Justin, Ricky and Dream as they combat their fears of realizing they are almost 30 years and life is not how they imagined it would be.

Created by Matthew A. Cherry.

Starring – Michael Moss as Justin, Ricky Smith as Ricky, Sherial McKinney as Dream, Brittany C. Richards as Nina.

Guest Starring – KJ Smith, Gergory Fennell, Will Garrett, Kali Keller, Terrance Kendrick, Tracey Buckner, Mikey Mckernan, Bashir Gavriel, Lauren Schacher, Louisa Abernathy

Directed By Matthew A. Cherry
Written By: Tamiko K. Brooks, Matthew A. Cherry

Almost 30 – Episode 1 “Almost Roommates”

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