Six kids, an abandoned house, and a visitor.

AG Rojas, Writer + Director

Jasper Thomlinson + Michael Sagol + Michael Decter, Executive Producers
Riel Roch Decter + Madeline Shapiro + Anthony Brandonisio, Producers
Christine Brown, Production Consultant

Michael Ragen, Cinematographer
Liz Garner, Production Designer
Michael Carter, Editor
Wildfire Studios, Post Production Sound
Caviar Post, VFX
Joachim Horsley, Original Score
Sherrie Henderson + Dan Velez, Casting (“The Men”)
Christopher Black, Casting (“The Kids”)

Anna Rau, Production Supervisor
Luke Thomlinson Clark, First Assistant Director
William B. Demeritt, Steadicam Operator

Monster FX, Special Effects
AG Rojas + Mike Broom, Creature Design
Jesse Doland, Special Effects Make Up

Elise Velasco, Stylist
Morgan Locke, Production Sound Mixer

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